What's the Big Deal about the Ascension?

Last month we observed one of the most glorious moments in the history of the world, the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Easter and Christmas are the most recognizable of Christian holy days; however, there is another day that is not as well known that needs to be celebrated. It is Ascension Day, which occurs forty days after Easter. Many churches observe the following Sunday after Ascension Day and call it Ascension Sunday. This year Ascension Sunday is May 17. For many years I simply thought of Christ’s ascension, which is mentioned in Acts 1, as merely the return of Christ to heaven and then I moved on into the glorious acts of the Holy Spirit through the Apostles in the book of A

Hello, Mama

Back in my high school years gospel singer Squire Parsons wrote and recorded a song called "Hello, Mama." The song was about a real life experience that had been shared with Squire. He encountered a young man who had been reared in a godly home, but who had wandered from God and had joined a motorcycle gang. Throughout his years of wandering his mother never stopped praying for him. One night, while traveling down a country road, the Spirit of God overcame the rebelliousness in this young man's soul and brought about repentance and salvation in the young man's life. The wandering rebel surrendered his life to Christ and immediately went to the telephone to call his mother and give her the

Your God vs. the God of the Bible

In John 17:3 while praying His high priestly prayer, our Lord Jesus makes a glorious statement about salvation. This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent (NASB). Now that we are fully in the Spring season many people are going to ball games, are traveling, are participating in family reunions, and will be enjoying summer activities where we will mingle with many different people I think we can glean much from this statement of our Lord Jesus as we endeavor to speak for Him in the marketplace, our homes, our recreational activities, at work, at school or wherever we might go. Here in the Bible belt in East Texas we encounter many peop

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