Unlikely Heroes

This year I have the glorious privilege of coaching two soccer teams in the Upward League in Baytown, Texas. My wife and I coach the Flame, the 3rd and 4th grade girls team. My daughter JennaBeth and 5 other girls her age play on the team. These young ladies play hard and are very dedicated, but due to a few people dropping out our team lacks enough players to properly play the game. Last Saturday I began to recruit some players from other teams to assist us. I found a 2nd grade girl named Emily who provided great energy and who excelled in throwing the ball in the field of play. However, the hero of the game was a kindergarten girl named Annie who fearlessly stepped in to play defender an

Busy Bees Being Too Busy

It seems that in our present society we are always busy. The internet along with many modern technological devices has sped up our lives by allowing us to stay connected to our jobs, ministry obligations, extended family, and friends all over the world. On the one hand, the use of technology can actually save us a lot of work and can help us be involved in the lives of our loved ones who live far away. On the other hand, technology and the busyness it has brought into our lives has made us a society of people who know a lot about people, but actually keeps us from knowing people on a deeply personal level. How can we improve our ability to personally connect with others? I think we should lo

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